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Facing a Healthcare Crisis of Monumental Proportions

Heart disease. Cancer. Diabetes. Obesity. Nearly 60 percent of adult Americans have at least one chronic disease, which not only impacts their health, but quality of life. Did you know that while the United States ranks #1 in military might and economy, we rank a dismal #37 in health globally? Not only is the United States facing a monumental healthcare crisis, but also an economic crisis and a social/emotional crisis of massive magnitudes.

Spending More But Getting Less

According to a recent report from The Commonwealth Fund, an independent research group, the United States spends more on health care than any other high-income country. Yet our nation has the lowest life expectancy at birth and the highest rate of people with numerous chronic diseases.

We have the best doctors in the world who are taught at the finest universities in the world. Moreover, our country boasts some of the best hospitals in the world. People come from all around the world to our hospitals. We also have the greatest amount of research in the world. We should rank #1, but again, we come in at #37 among nations in health.

So what’s gone wrong?

Greed Is Hindering Progress

It’s no secret that the medical model of sickness and disease care is not working, and if left unchecked, it will bankrupt the nation. One of the main reasons for this failure is greed from big players in both the government and corporate world.

Collectively, these organizations control the healthcare industry and profit from American people’s poor health—all while allowing us to remain at a dismal 37th place in global health rankings.

Creating a New Vision

To become healthier as a nation, we need to develop a new vision and create an entirely different system of health care that focuses on preventative measures, rather than just treating sickness and disease.

Dr. Cima works with patients to identify the underlying causes of their illnesses, looking at lifestyle, diet, nutrition, and environmental toxins or other factors that may contribute to medical conditions. He then crafts customized plans to help patients optimize their health naturally.

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