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Hack the Phases of Metabolism to Lose Weight & Improve Your Health

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What Is Metabolism?

We hear about our metabolisms all the time when the discussion of weight loss comes up, and frequently it’s in a negative light. We are often told, with a shrug of the shoulders, that our metabolism is slow, and that’s why we can’t lose weight.

But that doesn’t give us any answers or a concrete path to fixing it. And we want to fix it, right? Otherwise, we wouldn’t have tried every crazy fad and method on the market. The great news for all of us is that this is not a hopeless situation!

Simply stated, metabolism is the energy measured in calories necessary to sustain all bodily processes that maintain life. In order to eat more while simultaneously losing weight, we have to stimulate our metabolism.

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work

Each day your body requires a certain number of calories from proteins, carbs, fats, water, oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and other core substances to run its functions efficiently. What you consume in food and supplements must meet your body’s demands, or it will pull from its vital reserve, depleting the body quickly.

Your body then begins to feed off itself, damaging organs, glands, muscles, nerves, and bones. Most people don’t understand what their low-calorie diets do to their bodies. They’re literally killing themselves and don’t realize it.

The Phases of Metabolism

measuring bellyThe body constantly breaks down old cells and chemicals and replaces them with new ones. The building-up phase is called “anabolism,” while the breaking-down phase is called “catabolism.” You can create the proper anabolic and catabolic stimulation needed to speed up your metabolism while allowing you to eat more and still lose weight.

You can create the body you’ve always wanted through a proper ratio of exercise and nutrition. By mastering the chemical component of metabolism (nutrition), the physical component (exercise), and the mental component (knowing what to do and how to do it), you can manipulate the anabolism and catabolism components of metabolism and build the toolbox you need to unlock the magic of weight loss.

A High Metabolism Is Possible, and We Can Help!

Knowing the proper amounts and types of food, supplements, and water to put into your body is absolutely necessary for good health. You want to give your body exactly what it needs to maintain a high and effective metabolism. Cima Functional Medicine can help demystify the process for you and make it easy to understand and implement.


Contact us today for a complimentary 1-hour appointment with Dr. Cima to help you work with your body for improved health and wellness instead of against it.

Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year.

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