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Let Us Be Your Health And Wellness Guide Scale New Heights of Health

hands making heart around the sunWhether you want to be free of pain, move more, reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease, hormonal conditions, and cancer. Or if you are already struggling with these life threatening conditions. You need a guide to guide you thru this medical maze of health and disease care., Having a guide on your wellness journey can be a game-changer, states Dr. Cima, Author/Lecturer, Functional medicine expert, with 50 years of experience.

Dr. Cima says, “You wouldn’t climb Mount Everest without a guide, unless you wanted to die.

So why not have one for your most valued possession: Your Health.

Getting to the Root, Not Patching Problems

In a world where conventional medical practices are the norm, more people look to functional medicine health providers as their trusted partners on this journey. Functional medicine isn’t your typical healthcare—it goes beyond masking symptoms and digs deep to unearth the root causes of health issues.

Here are some reasons why you should consider having a functional medicine health provider like Dr. Cima by your side on your wellness journey:

A Holistic, Customized Approach

Functional medicine is like piecing together a puzzle—every part of your body is interconnected, and everything matters. Rather than focusing on individual symptoms, functional medicine health providers look at you as a whole. Dr. Cima understands how diet, lifestyle, genes, and environment interact and influence your health. With this knowledge, he can create a care plan designed specifically for you, targeting the real reasons behind your health problems.

In-depth Testing and Analysis

Functional medicine uses advanced testing like blood chemistry analysis to get a detailed picture of your health. These tests go beyond the usual blood work to provide a comprehensive view of gut health, hormone levels, and nutritional deficiencies. With this information, we can design interventions that target specific imbalances and help you achieve optimal health.

The Power of Prevention

Functional medicine is all about staying one step ahead. Instead of waiting for health problems and reacting in the form of medication, injections, or surgery, we’ll work proactively to spot potential health risks before they become an issue. We can help you build resilience and keep health problems at bay through detailed assessments, lifestyle changes, and personalized nutrition plans.

Lasting Results and Sustainable Changes

Functional medicine isn’t about quick fixes. It’s about creating changes that last. By tackling the root causes of health issues, you can see long-term improvements in your well-being. Dr. Cima can guide you in making realistic, achievable, and sustainable changes, leading to lasting results.

Working Together for Your Health

Functional medicine is teamwork. Dr. Cima works hand in hand with you, involving you in every decision and equipping you with knowledge about your health. This approach makes you an active participant in your wellness journey, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility.

More than just a healthcare professional, Dr. Cima is your partner on your wellness journey. Give Cima Functional Medicine a call today at (561) 775-9111 and receive a 30 minute consultationfor only $150, a $100 savings, and get started on your transformative trek to better health!


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