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Protect Yourself by Taking a Preventative Approach to Health

In the face of an escalating healthcare crisis exacerbated by the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, let’s look into the flaws of the current medical model and the need for a radical shift in our approach to healthcare.

The prevailing system, characterized by symptom-based treatments and a reliance on drugs and surgery, is rendering the nation increasingly vulnerable.

The Traditional Model of Drugs and Surgery

The traditional medical model operates on the premise that patients seek medical attention only when symptoms become unbearable, often after prolonged periods of self-medicating with over-the-counter remedies. The subsequent diagnosis, derived from a battery of tests and examinations, frequently leads to treatment plans predominantly involving drugs and surgery.

However, this approach is fundamentally flawed. “Treating the symptoms is the end result of a disease process,” said Dr. Cima.

An Obsession With Symptom Management

The critical issue lies in our society’s obsession with symptoms. Contrary to popular belief, the absence of symptoms does not equate to good health, nor does the presence of symptoms signify illness. It’s important that people recognize that symptoms are the body’s warning signals, indicating an underlying problem that demands attention.

The root problem is the medical community’s penchant for treating symptoms rather than the underlying causes of diseases. By masking symptoms with medications, the medical model fails to address the true source of the problem, allowing the condition to fester and worsen over time. This misguided approach, coupled with the adverse effects of drugs and surgery, contributes to a cycle of escalating health issues and, ultimately, disease or death.

Our Country Is Getting Sicker

Did you know that the United States, despite using 75 percent of the world’s drugs, ranks 37th in global health? The costs associated with surgical procedures are also staggering. Consider this: a one-day hospital stay in 2017 cost as much as an entire hospitalization in 1955. It’s also important to question the efficacy of medical procedures, with 85 percent of surgeries lacking scientific validation.

Discover How Functional Medicine Could Help You

Dr. Cima wants to empower people to take a holistic, preventive (versus reactive) approach that addresses the root causes of diseases instead of masking symptoms. Take that first step toward maximizing your health. Book an appointment today!


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