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Taking the Functional Medicine Path for Optimal Health

Reflexively recommending medications, injections, and surgeries has long been part of the conventional medicine paradigm. But do these approaches promote health? No! In fact, the current approach to health may not be doing us any good but rather causing harm and danger.

Instead of merely treating the three killers, heart disease, cancer, and Iatrogenic disease, let’s shift our focus to lifestyle. This accounts for 50% of deaths in the United States and presents an opportunity to impact our well-being.

Addressing Health Holistically Is Crucial

Rather than taking a symptom-management bandage type of approach, the key is to address health holistically, considering the physical, chemical, and mental-emotional aspects of health and wellness. Unlike traditional medicine, functional medicine delves into the study of health and what causes individuals to live rather than focusing solely on sickness and disease. The real issue at hand is the absence of principles of health and wellness rather than the presence of disease.

The Body’s Ability to Self-Heal

One of the major distinctions between functional and traditional medicine lies in the belief about the body’s ability to heal itself. Functional medicine asserts that the body can indeed heal itself, given the right conditions, including chemical, physical, and mental-emotional health. This stands in contrast to traditional medicine’s reliance on drugs and surgery to fix perceived deficiencies.

Shocking statistics reveal that, according to the British Medical Journal, 85% of medical procedures and surgeries are scientifically unproven, and 90% of all diseases prevalent today are not treatable with orthodox medical procedures (source: World Health Organization). Enter functional medicine—a paradigm shift that emphasizes prevention, lifestyle, and empowering individuals to control their health.

Functional medical doctors envision a future without unnecessary medications and focus on patient care, lifestyle, and disease prevention. Drawing inspiration from visionaries like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin, functional medicine aims to prevent issues rather than treat them.

In essence, functional medicine is about creating a dream and experience of a healthy lifestyle that money can’t buy. It’s about empowering individuals to solve their health problems, listening to the innate intelligence within their bodies, and becoming their own doctors.

Isn’t It Time to Elevate Your Health?

You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of suboptimal health. Discover how functional medicine can help optimize your well-being. Contact us today to book an appointment with Palm Beach Gardens chiropractor and functional medicine specialist Dr. Cima!


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