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Is Cholesterol Affecting Your Performance?

Dr. James Cima Can Help

For decades, cholesterol has been made to be a villain when it comes to health. Egg yolks, bad. Low cholesterol, good. But is that truly the case?

The day cholesterol was linked to heart disease was the day your performance on the field and in the bedroom would be dramatically impacted negatively.

Is Cholesterol Affecting Your Performance? We Can Help.

High LDL, Increased Risk of Heart Disease?

The body actually requires a certain cholesterol level which it maintains through production in the liver (80% is produced there) and every cell in the body as well as nutritional intake of foods containing cholesterol. The whole purpose of reducing your cholesterol was to avoid heart disease. The way statins work is to prevent the production of cholesterol in your liver thereby falsely reducing your normal cholesterol readings to unsafe levels for you. The type of cholesterol that they were most concerned about were LDLs (low-density lipoproteins) since this is what they say is the cause or blame for plaque buildup in your arteries (which is another partial truth). LDLs are used to produce sex hormones such as testosterone, androgens, estrogen, and progesterone. They also can help heal cell membranes.

Statins Linked to ED and Other Problems

Let’s see what happened since the use of statins started in 1987. A little over 10 years later as cholesterol levels were plummeting to unhealthy levels due to the advent of statin drugs, a new problem arose on the horizon. Many men were now experiencing erectile dysfunction or what they call “Low T” (testosterone). All of a sudden around 1998 a whole group of drugs came out used for erectile dysfunction: VIAGRA® and CIALIS for men and hormone replacement for women. So first you get whacked with the statins then you get hit with an entirely new group of drugs to increase your sex drive. The sickness of this whole circle is that you went on statins to prevent heart disease and now you will take hormone replacement therapy, which will cause heart disease. Statins also can cause liver toxicity, diabetes, memory loss, nerve, and muscle damage.

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